Cross-cultural bonding will start behind Peddlars…

Heritage Day, Saturday September 24, means different things to different people. 

To some it’s just another public holiday, to others it’s a time to reflect on our past and to see opportunity in our future together. 
The Archdeacon of Constantia, the Venerable Terry Lester, whose family was forced from their home in Strawberry Lane under the Group Areas Act when he was five years old, is planning a special event for Saturday morning. 
“We plan to meet behind Peddlars (known as Knoppe se winkel when I was growing up) about 10am,” says Terry, “and walk down Strawberry Lane, stopping to place flowers at the Muslim cemetery, the school, and on the piece of greenbelt leading down to the river where the plaque (commemorating the original inhabitants) is situated. 
“We will listen to various speakers at each place. It is an opportunity for people to meet and talk and hopefully also find each other as fellow citizens. All are welcome!” 
Just another day? Saturday morning offers a chance to gain a sense of our not-so- distant history, reach out for greater understanding and cross-cultural bonding, and perhaps give Heritage Day some significant personal meaning. Terry Lester can be contacted at or on 021 794 5051.