Cycling at home for children’s hospital

Paul Reeves

Paul Reeves is cycling 109km a day, without leaving his house, in aid of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

The 42-year-old regional sales manager for a medical-aid scheme is in lockdown at his Bergvliet home with his Staffordshire bull terrier, Max. He is using the time raising money for the Children’s Hospital Trust.

“This is an amazing time for us all to focus on those who are less fortunate than ourselves,” he says. “I always do charity events for children as children are not able to help themselves and we need to assist these children who are the future of our country.”

The fitness fanatic was a professional rugby player for the Leicester Tigers in England. In 2010, he competed in an English iron-man triathlon.

Earlier this year, after a six-year cycling hiatus, he took part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour with his friend, Antony Payne. He rode the race twice, the second time in aid of the hospital.

He places his bike on rollers to ride his daily lockdown cycle tour. To break the monotony of cycling for more than four hours and 45 minutes on the same spot, he sometimes moves his bike onto his patio and listens to music or puts it in front of the TV.

He tracks his distance using a GPS watch connected to his bike’s speed sensor.

At his halfway mark, he takes a break and refills his water bottles. “This is all about mental strength,” he says “Your body does get sore, but if you don’t have the mental fortitude, this would be impossible.”

The hospital trust’s Pauline Solomons says Paul’s efforts will support the expansion of the hospital’s emergency centre.

“His passion, determination and huge heart make a difference in the lives of children who are less fortunate. This upgrade and expansion of the emergency centre will ensure that more patients will receive the life-saving care and the second chance they need sooner and in the best possible conditions.”

So far, Paul has raised R121 491 through his GivenGain campaign page.

Visit or call Paul at 079 382 8812.

Go to to find out more about the hospital’s trust.