Details are important

Ron Middleton, Plumstead

What has happened in everyday life, to pride in one’s work ?

As an example we have a very nice park near Southfield station, enjoyed by children and adults alike. Pity it is as dry as a bone as council never waters it.

However, it is always mowed by tractor whether the grass needs it or not. Now they have installed a well-used jungle gym and a couple of exercise apparatuses. All this presumably outsourced but nevertheless paid by the ratepayers.

The jungle gym is well constructed but my little grandson got splinters from the wood and one of the planks broke. After reporting it, these defects were repaired soon enough. The iron poles enclosing the park were painted in gay colours but nobody thought to use a heavy hammer to make sure they were upright first. The exercise apparatus would have been better if they had extended the concrete apron so the whole contraption did not sit in the sand. One of the machines has not been adjusted properly and the squeaks and rattles, call-out for greasing.

These projects were very commendable and acceptable but not enough attention was paid to detail. As such, it should be brought to the attention of the contractors. But in the long run it is the council which bears the responsibility.