Disappointing service

Brigitta Hartog, Meadowridge

To the manager at Shoprite ParknShop, Meadowridge, I’m very disappointed with how your customer service has gone downhill over the years.

My family has enjoyed shopping at your shop since you opened in the 70s. That’s a long time. Initially you had seats for the elderly, but they are nowhere to be found these days.

After several incidents (six, to be exact) of insolent and rude staff, over the last few years, we have now decided to vote with our feet and shop elsewhere.

Unfortunately, your staff don’t seem to understand that they only have a job because there are customers. Those customers pay for their salaries. It’s like our dear government. Unfortunately behaviour seeps down from the top. It will only change if there are consequences or if there is staff training.

I tried phoning and speaking to the manager three times, but, sadly, the phone remained unanswered. Obviously nobody is interested in doing their job. An everyday occurrence in our dear SA, sliding downhill to oblivion.

No doubt 90% of your staff are happy employees doing their best to ruin their own employment, with 10% actually working. And you “cannot” fire them. Sadly this is once again reflected in our government.

Well, good luck with that approach. Hopefully you will have enough customers left to hobble on.

I have found Spar to be a wonderful alternative.

• Shoprite responds: We would like to apologise to the customer for their unsatisfactory experience. Customers are always welcome to phone our customer care line at 0800 01 07 09 for assistance.