Doctors and nurses thanked

Pam Bilby, Plumstead

On Saturday March 10, I was taken by ambulance to the Accident Emergency Unit at Constantiaberg Hospital due to a bad fall.

I was attended to immediately. CT scans were done and I was admitted to a ward. As it was a Saturday and in the evening, I could not see a neurosurgeon until Sunday.

Dr White was on duty for the weekend and on Monday I was attended to by Dr Zayne Domingo.

I was transferred to ICU where I stayed for eight days. What wonderful staff there. The whole unit is efficient and the staff and doctors, especially Dr Sean Rogers, were so caring of your every comfort and need. I had an operation on the Wednesday done by Dr Douglas (facial surgeon) and after the eight days was then transferred to D ward.

Again, the staff were wonderful, I could not have wished for more in a 5 star hotel.

Thank you Constantiaberg and all your doctors and nursing staff for making a traumatic event in my life into a caring experience which I will never forget.