Tania Oosterhof, Plumstead

“Dogs allowed off leashes in some areas,” Constantiaberg Bulletin,” (November 9) refers.

Despite inviting comments from the public and attaching those comments to their Sub-council 20 report, it seems the powers that be have largely ignored them.

For large numbers of users of the Constantia greenbelts, the terms “greenbelt” and “Alphen Trail” are synonymous with references to a space in which to exercise dogs in a safe and shady environment with water along the way.

For years, people, dogs, runners and horse riders have been co-operating in the Alphen and the decision to put up signs to enforce a “leashes only” rule shows a total lack of understanding of a
dynamic that has built up over many years. Generally everyone gets on. I object most strongly to changing the Alphen Trail into a “leashes only” trail and encourage fellow users to do the same.

Unfortunately, many of us
have been driven out of areas
such as Silverhurst Trail and Bel Ombre Meadow by speeding cyclists who are inconsiderate, rude and totally oblivious to the needs of other users or the physical environment. Accidents are going to happen. It is only a matter of time.

I cannot help wondering whether this move to reduce dog numbers on the Alphen Trail is not just a ploy to eventually
get the cyclists on to it. That
would be doomsday for this space as it would for the Klaasenbosch Trail.

I implore everyone to use whatever means they have to join a call to keep the Alphen Trail leash and cyclist-free.

We deserve one decent spot to enjoy time with our dogs.