Education department helps secure placement

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) says it is doing its best to help parents still needing to place their children in schools for 2019.

WCED head of department, Brian Schreuder, said in a statement that parents or guardians should confirm with schools whether or not their children had been accepted.

He said schools were meant to inform parents by the last day of the second term, around June 22, if their child or children had been accepted.

If their children had been accepted to more than one school, parents should indicate which place they had accepted, and let schools know if they planned to decline admission so those institutions could make space for other pupils.

“This will allow schools to inform other parents of children that had previously not been accepted, of additional spaces available at their school. This is largely done through a waiting list process for which parents apply,” Mr Schreuder said.

Parents should contact schools in their area to see if space had become available and confirm placement on the school’s waiting list.

The WCED’s district offices each had officials assigned to deal with placement queries, and had access to school-admission lists.

The officials could advise parents to apply at schools with space or ask them to complete an application form to be uploaded onto the department’s admissions-management system.

“This system allows officials to track which learners need placement, the areas in which they live and the grade that is required. Therefore, if spaces are available in a certain area that would suit the needs of the parent and the child, the WCED can then inform the parent to apply,” Mr Schreuder said.

The department could not guarantee placement at a preferred school, but would try to help parents with specific needs.

“We ask that parents remain patient while we try our best to accommodate their children. Should a parent not be successful then they can contact their nearest district office,” he said.

Should you need assistance with placement, contact Wayne Abrahams on 021 938 3006 or email or Leon Rutgers on 021 938 3004 or email Leon.Rutgers@