Engage with public about dog issues

Sue Horak, Constantia

Sue Liell-Cock’s letter (“Dogs thrive without leashes”, Bulletin, November 16) refers.

I, too, question the public participation process as my comments and those of friends were also not included.

Does this invalidate the whole process?

Councillor Liz Brunette’s reply to Ms Liell Cock conjures up a chaotic scene of hordes of marauding dogs terrorising walkers and horses while constantly tearing up and down the river bank.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ms Brunette’s comments that Ecoli could only have been introduced into the river by dogs is misleading as my dogs have unfortunately rolled in human excrement at the water’s edge by the river.

I would be interested to read the controlled studies that prove that dogs have been the vectors in causing colonisation of alien plants on the Alphen Greenbelt.

Has the councillor ever walked on the Alphen Greenbelt during peak dog walking times and seen what a happy place it is? I invite her to do so.

We walk on the Alphen Greenbelt every day and the vast majority of dogs are well behaved and socialised.

The space itself is safe with no busy roads close by which cannot be said for the other suggested off lead greenbelts.

I hope that common sense prevails.