Enjoy a picnic at the Common

Nicky Schmidt, chairperson, Parkscape

Parkscape will be running a clean-up in Lower Tokai Plantation over the forthcoming Sundays in September and October, including Heritage Day, from 10am to 3pm.

On Heritage Day, September 24, we encourage our supporters and other helpers to bring a hamper and enjoy a picnic on the “Common”, ie adjacent to the Pony Club arena.

We have reached an agreement with MTO Forestry to do this and are very grateful for their support, understanding and assistance.

We will pile the woody debris in designated points along the forestry tracks, and once done, MTO will chip the material. Forest users will then be able to collect the chippings to use as mulch in their gardens.

The slash and larger pieces of woody debris in the forest pose a fire risk and have increasingly become a trip hazard, particularly for the elderly.

We are very pleased to be able to work with both the community and MTO in this way so as to ensure that we are able to assist in bringing protection from fire to the urban edge and to have a safe place to enjoy shaded recreation.

Take gardening gloves, antiseptic, plasters, a wheelbarrow – if you can transport one – something to snack
on and something to drink.