Error in report

Andrew Heydenrych

In the story, “Call for crime control”(Bulletin, April 13), it was incorrectly stated that I am part of Southfield Eyes Neighbourhood Watch.

This has resulted in disciplinary action being taken against me by my own watch, Southfield Neighbourhood Watch, to whom I actually belong. Southfield Eyes is a community initiative which was started on the WhatsApp group platform, of which I am a member for crime alerts in my area.

This is not a neighbourhood watch.

I have signed a code of conduct with Southfield Neighbourhood Watch which states I am not allowed to talk on behalf of the watch without prior permission from our exco. On the day (of the meeting) I was talking as a concerned resident and not on behalf of the watch at all. There is only one neighbourhood watch in Southfield and that is not Southfield Eyes.

Bulletin regrets the error and has corrected the online version of this story.