Fake guns used in Tokai robbery

Three men were arrested in Tokai after they allegedly used fake guns to rob two people on Wednesday September 8, at 11pm.

“Two of our armed response officers had just stopped at a filling station in the area to refill their cars, when they were approached by two members of the public asking for help. They told our officers that they had just been robbed by three armed men,” said Jade Hanning, Western Cape general manager for Fidelity ADT.

“Using the description given of the three suspects, our officers started to search the area. The description was also shared with the BKM Monitoring Centre,” said Mr Hanning.

The officers stopped and searched three men matching the description.

“The search led to the discovery of two plastic guns, a knife and a screwdriver. The suspects were handed over into the custody of Kirstenhof SAPS,” said Mr Hanning.

“The accurate description provided of the alleged assailants proved instrumental in their apprehension. If you report any crime to us or to police, please try to be as meticulous and detailed as possible,” he said.