Family mourn hospital’s longest Covid ICU patient

Diep River data analyst Winston Cogill came home in March after 158 days in hospital with coronavirus pneumonia.

The family of the late Winston Cogill, who was recently hailed for being the longest Covid-19 patient at Groote Schuur Hospital’s ICU, says they are still trying to cope with his death.

The 54-year-old data analyst from Diep River spent 122 days in ICU (“A life-and-death fight with Covid-19”, Bulletin June 24).

His widow, Claire, said they had been hopeful of his recovery, following his discharge from the hospital in March.

“He had made so much progress, we were so hopeful,” she said. “Then he was diagnosed with shingles and things took a turn. He passed away on Saturday (July 24) evening,” she said

The father of one was able to celebrate the birthday of his daughter, Hannah, who turned 21 in April.

One of the doctors who treated Mr Cogill at Groote Schuur Hospital, Professor Richard van Zyl Smit, said the entire ICU and post-Covid-19 teams were devastated to hear of his death.

“His life and now death have taught us all a great deal as we cared for him during and after his Covid illness – but additionally his perseverance and his courageous attitude have inspired us all.”