Fantastic classic car show event

Nicola Blake, Plumstead

I wanted to take the time to write to your paper to say that I recently attended the IPA Classic Car and Bike Show held in Plumstead.

I wanted to publicly congratulate the venue for hosting such a fantastic event. The volunteers were all so very friendly, helpful and efficient and the clubs and owners on display were equally friendly and knowledgeable.

I have never attended the Saturday show before thanks to work commitments so this was the first year that I had the opportunity to see what the other half of the show looks like and I was pleasantly surprised. It was different to the Sunday show, but I loved it and both days are to be recommended on their own merit.

As this event is a silent exhibit, I deliberately stayed until 4pm on Saturday in order to hear the engines of these wonderful cars as they hummed, roared and idled up the driveway and while one or two vehicles – in particular one of the Cobra’s – misbehaved upon heading up the road. On the whole, I would say that all the exhibitors behaved wonderfully. The organisers certainly cannot be held accountable for the poor behaviour of one or two hotheads.

And let’s not forget that they raise funds for charity. Great exhibits, wonderful volunteers and a delicious variety of food. I am thoroughly looking forward to the 2019 show.