Finding hidden rock art

Bridget Reynolds dropped off her rocks at Keurboom Park.

People around Cape Town are celebrating rock art by painting rocks and hiding them in public spots for others to find.

Brightly coloured rocks have been found hidden in the Tokai Forest and the Alphen Trail, among other places.

On the “Cape Town Rocks” Facebook group, people post pictures of the painted rocks for others to go out and find. Once you track down the rock, you can keep it or move it to a new hiding place for someone else to find.

The group says it wants to spread the spirit of creativity, community involvement and outdoor activities.

Dogs, cats and other animals are painted on the rocks as well as popular animated characters such as the Minions.

The group was founded in April 2017 and now has almost
8 000 members.

The group cautions its members to only place rocks on public land and paint a protective sealant over the artwork to protect it from the elements.

Caylee Rossouw, who is one of the moderators on the Facebook group, says people are not allowed to hide the rocks at nature reserves.

“Nature reserves are off limits as they are protected areas for flora and fauna to thrive. If you see a sign post with ‘CapeNature’ this indicates that the area is a nature reserve and is therefore off limits for our decorated rocks.”

Ms Rossouw also says that the Two Oceans Aquarium and Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens are off as they have requested to not be involved with the trend of rock painting. On the group, community members also share where they get their art supplies from and various art skills.