Fix four-way lights

Derick van de Vyver, Constantia

I am not sure who did the upgrade of the Constantia Main Road/Ladies Mile to Parish Road traffic lights.

The Main Road section works well enough, but from Ladies Mile and Parish Road, if a vehicle wants to turn right, there is not enough space for the vehicle behind to get past. What a hold-up.

Drivers of those front vehicles do not go forward enough and are ignorant of vehicles behind them.

The lane structures are too narrow and there certainly was enough space when this upgrade was done.

I ask that the councillor gets the four-way lights operating as these are in place and will be much safer for the motorists.

Another huge hold-up is at the Engen garage for vehicles wanting to get onto the M3. The traffic light for right turns has only been set for early mornings and late afternoons. Surely these lights can operate all day to make it easier for all.