Forest a place of calm

Mike Larcombe, Tokai

I have just returned from my regular walk with my dog, from the Tokai forest area. It is a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and the forest is alive with people. Elderly couples, young families, some with babies in push chairs, other with young children, many assorted doggies, cyclists and a group of children building a teepee. Dogs were enjoying a refreshing dip in the “doggy pond” and all’s well with the world. So, I decided to take the board walk around the north side past the children’s tree house and then cut back across the fynbos (bush). On my journey, I counted 31 cars in Dennendal Road, 11 at Maryland Road and six at Almora Circle.

Possibly at total of over 70 people on their morning walk. How many people, dogs, and bicycles did I see on my walk “on the other side” and through the fynbos? Zero, none! When I came back into the forest via the little bridge, the place was alive with so many people, friendly “good morning’s” chats with people about their dogs and the weather, even the dogs were joining in with their own conversations. Just an observation.