Gardening gospel at Christ Church market

Moses Jaftha and Paddy McPherson are preparing to man the Plant Centre at the Morning Market.

It’s the Moses and Paddy show at Christ Church Constantia on Saturday October 28 when the Morning Market takes place, from 8.30am to 1pm.

Moses Jaftha, the fifth-generation flower seller who trades in Brounger Lane behind Peddlars, will share his “Ten Commandments” on how to make your garden more beautiful.

He is co-convener of the Plant Centre with Paddy McPherson who is lucky to be with us at all. As a child in the UK during World War II she was booked on a ship for Canada to escape Nazi bombs.

At the last minute her mother changed her mind and the family went to Scotland instead. However, the voyage Paddy would have undertaken ended in disaster; the ship was sunk in the Atlantic by a German U-boat!

Moses and Paddy will be selling plants, seedlings, bulbs, trees, shrubs, cut flowers and fresh produce at the market in the church grounds, on the corner of Constantia Main and Parish roads.

The market will offer breakfast (bacon and egg rolls, hot dogs, boerie rolls), cakes, cookies, loaves and jams, a tea garden, white elephant stall, hundreds of books on sale and the renowned church shop will be open.

A huge Treasure Island will be run by the youth. Buy your ticket on the day, pin it on the island where you think the treasure may be hidden, and win one of many prizes, if you are spot-on or closest.

Entrance to the market will be by voluntary donation. Lucky numbers will be issued for a draw with prizes.

All Morning Market proceeds will be in aid of parish projects.

Contact the convener, Axel Wallander, on 021 712 8423 or