Going the extra mile for Adam’s wheelchair

From left Clint Langley, Adam Langley, Andrew Higginbotham who undertook a cycling challenge to raise funds for Adam, and Hayley Langley.

A Southfield boy living with cerebral palsy started his life breaking records.

Adam Langley was born six months prematurely, weighing just 620 grams, holding the record for the second smallest newborn at Kingsbury Hospital in Claremont.

Now almost 13 years old, Adam has defied the odds given to him at his difficult start to life.

For parents Hayley and Clint, raising a child with cerebral palsy has not been an easy task, with as many challenges as joys.

Their latest obstacle was to buy a new wheelchair for Adam who outgrew his old one.

But this task has been made a lot easier thanks to good Samaritan Andrew Higginbotham, from Clifton, who came forward to raise money through a cycling challenge.

Hayley manages a beauty spar in Sea Point where Andrew is a client. Andrew, who has now become a family friend, volunteered to do an “Everesting’ challenge in aid of raising funds towards a wheelchair for Adam, after hearing about the family’s plight.

Everesting involves cycling the height of Mount Everest, which is about 8 845 metres. Andrew started the challenge around 4am on November 25 and finished at 22.25pm, managing to raise R55 000.

The family has also managed to raise funds towards covering medical aid costs.

“Our humble wish was to get Adam the next wheelchair just to be able to make him comfortable, and Andrew has achieved for us more than we could ever have hoped,” said Hayley.

Adam spent his first three months of life in the neonatal care unit in hospital.

He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of three months.

Clint said Adam is a healthy eater, which is good and he brings lots of joy to the family’s life.

Adam attends the Aiden Rose Centre on Field Road, Lotus River, and enjoys socialising with the other children.

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