Golden couple

Henry and Magriet Hunt.
Henry and Magriet Hunt celebrated their 50th anniversary on Friday January 25.

The couple were destined to be together. Magriet was a nurse living in a nurses home at Victoria Hospital and was nursing Henry’s mum, who had a broken leg.

One day, on her way to make a phone call, a man driving an MG sports car caught her eye. She thought he was a doctor.

It turned out to be Henry. He had just broken off a three-year engagement to another Magriet and vowed to give women a break.

Magriet spoke to him. He offered her a lift. When she introduced Henry to her mum she told her that he was the man she wanted her to meet. The rest is history.

Henry worked at the Argus for 40 years, from age 17, travelling to and from work by motorbike.

He retired about 20 years ago. They have lived in their Plumstead house since and are part of the community.

On their anniversary they were gifted a cake and flowers from Pick n Pay Plumstead family store which they took home to celebrate and share with friends and family.  
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