Hats off

Barbara Dawson, Plumstead newbie

On Monday night (March 20) I went to look for an address in Plumstead so I could view an apartment with my friend later in the week.

I am pretty new to the area so have a vague idea of direction. People who know me would agree that I get lost in my own shadow sometimes.

Having driven around and done just that (got lost) I stopped to ask for direction from a woman in a street. She asked her neighbours who kindly told me where to go and how to get there. I think they must have realised I was a bit frazzled and on turning into one of the roads, there they were right beside me in their beautiful red sports car. I could not believe it!

They said they had followed me (out of sight) and took me to the place I wanted to be. To these two, a man and a woman I’d like to say a huge thank you.

I was really touched that you went out of your way to do this. Plumsteaders are cool.