Help feed rescued horse

Carolynne Smith with Black Beauty and Luna Melody.

Two dogs, two cats, two horses and three ducks all have one thing in common.

They were rescued by Kirstenhof animal lover Carolynne Smith.

Black Beauty was rescued seven years ago from a farm in Vereeniging where he was slowly starving to death. Scratching Luna Melody from behind, Ms Smith says the horse was beaten very badly when she found him in the bush in Philippi.

She now keeps the animals in a makeshift enclosure in her garden and assures that her neighbours are fine with it.

Over the years she has rescued 21 horses.

Ms Smith rescued the ducks, Love, Hope and Pete, from a farm in Morningstar two months ago. She says the owner was going to kill them because they were eating his baby chickens.

It all sounds ideal except that Ms Smith is unable to feed them and is asking for help.

Contact her on 061 397 1013 if you are able to lend a helping hand.