Help find Gray

Missing … Gray has been missing since Tuesday January 10.

Gray has been missing from the Hampstead Road area in Claremont since Tuesday January 10 and his family are calling on the community to help them find him.

Tamsin Nel says Gray is a rescue cat, but it feels as if he chose to adopt them and not the other way around. “In the time we did get to spend with Gray, he showered us with love and affection and made us laugh too. One of our most vivid memories is how he would watch nature programmes and then walk around to the back of the TV to figure out where all the animals were coming from.”

There is a R2 000 cash reward offered to anyone who helps to reunite the family with Gray.

He is short-haired, has a black nose, green eyes and is completely grey in colour. He is neutered and fully vaccinated. If you have found him, or think you have seen him, contact Ms Nel on 084 778 1215.