Hospitable staff

Herbert and Elisabeth Syre, Meadowridge

We fully agree with the letter of Lauren Moore of Plumstead, (“Not bad service,” Bulletin June 1).

My wife and I regularly eat and shop at Martins Bakery. Being from Germany and Holland, we especially buy imported delicacies we are used to in our home countries.

Over many years, we have shared moments from our lives with members of the staff (like Maria and Teresa and the owners as well) who have likewise shared their experiences with us.

We have never been let down when we placed orders through for collection. Special breads and pies were there with our names on the packages.

The waitrons even know our usual breakfast meals and automatically put the condiments and right cutlery on the table.

Thus, I’m sure there are many more regular customers who could share our sentiments. Well done, Martins.