Huge thank you

Marike van Wyk, Wynberg

Welcoming the change and endlessly thankful for the blessing, my husband and I recently moved from Centurion (Gauteng) to Wynberg.

Both being unfamiliar with the area, we knew, after enduring 15 and eight years, respectively, of life in the so-called “concrete jungle”, this move will be a eye-opener and a new adventure.

From the get go, the differences between the provinces were apparent. To name just a few:

1. Friendly, helpful staff in very clean shops.

2. Waking up to the sound of geese in the garden or the call for prayer from the nearest mosque as opposed to alarms going off or law enforcement sirens.

3. Clean, beautiful surroundings.

The biggest difference/occurrence happened on Tuesday October 27 and I feel obliged to share this with you.

I was parked in a side street, waiting for the gate at Checkers Plumstead to open and I had stupidly left my lights on. Off course, the car wouldn’t start. Being a woman alone and fairly unfamiliar with the mechanical workings of a vehicle, my first reaction was that of slight panic. A member of Wynberg Cleansing Services was quickly at my side offering advice and at the end, called a colleague with jumper cables.

Before I knew it I was all “charged up” and ready to go. Big smiles, open hearts and without expecting anything in return… only in Cape Town!

A huge thank you to Capetonians for making us feel so welcome, and, to my good Samaritans, may God bless you!

In a country where we are bombarded with stories of corruption, crime and bloodshed, isn’t it wonderful to know there are still good, honest people out there?