In need of bench replacement

Ernie Durra, Plumstead

The Silvermine bench overlooking scenic Hout Bay (“Cheating, like crime, does not pay”, Bulletin April 5) is no longer there and most probably was destroyed by the fire several years back. Hikers and tourists enjoyed this magical scenic place for chilling out after hiking up from Blackburn Ravine or the Silvermine dam. Is the bench ever going to be replaced?

* Merle Collins, spokesperson for SANParks, responds:

The bench was burnt down and destroyed in the March 2015 fire.

SANParks will not replace the bench but donation from residents or hiking clubs will be considered. Anyone interested can contact Jannie du Plessis, Senior Section Ranger – Silvermine and Tokai, at 021 712 0527, or Jannie.duplessis@sanparks.