Increased traffic flow

Denzil Gunning, Meadowridge

I agree with David Wantling’s concern about the flagrant disregard for road signs in the area (“Disregard for road signs,” Bulletin, September 22).

I have had drivers behind me throw up their hands in “despair” that I come to a dead stop at the Huxley/Edison intersection, and they, in turn, had to stop; and, among others, a Mercedes driver traveled straight past me and through because I had obeyed the stop sign.

Bergvliet/Heerengracht intersection is no better. My experience is that most drivers ignore stop streets and push their luck just as they do with amber/red traffic lights.

Many motorists travelling down Edison Drive towards Bergvliet School drastically encroach across the barrier line mid-way along the forested section, forcing oncoming vehicles to take evasive action and hoot like hell.

The sign warning motorists of the upcoming bend was flattened by a driver some years ago and never replaced.

We have seen a number of accidents on that corner, and I recommend that pedestrians not walk on the forest side of the road, as speeding cars, taxis and tow trucks pose a very real danger.

I place blame for the drastically increased traffic flows on residential roads, squarely on the shoulders of council who have had absolutely no regard for residents in suburbia when planning road layouts.

Did they in their wildest dreams think that vehicles from the M5 via De Waal and Kendal roads would not use, for example, Edison to access Ladies Mile / M3 or from Edison/Kendal via Walloon to Boundary near the hospital. The least they could do is to enforce traffic rules.