‘Insulting’ comments

Nasser Solomon, trustee of the Hadji Abdullah Solomon Family Trust

I take exception to the comments made by the chairperson of the Constantia Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association (CRRA), Sheila Camerer, in the article “Exploring SA’s most expensive street”, published in last week’s Constantiaberg Bulletin.

I take exception to Ms Camerer’s comments that the Solomon development on Ladies Mile Road was “far too big” and her description of the development as a “monster” that stands out “like a sore thumb”.

The chairperson’s comments are insulting to the families who lost their livelihoods and who were deprived of 60 years of generational wealth.

The CRRA lost their case against the development, at every turn, because their case had no merit, and the chairperson should accept the outcome with grace!

Is it too much to expect of the leader of the CRRA to refrain from creating acrimony and to display a modicum of empathy toward the original families of Constantia who are trying to rebuild some of what they’ve lost?

It’s ironic that the photo of Ms Camerer that appeared with the article was taken at Constantia Village, a development that 30 years ago sparked an outcry worse than the one facing the Solomon development.

Today we can’t imagine life without it. I don’t expect Ms Camerer to know these things, since 30 years ago she was too busy being the National Party MP for Rosettenville, Gauteng.

Contrary to the CRRA chair’s negative remarks, the development will be an asset for the residents, one that will uplift the area. And instead of insulting the original inhabitants, the CRRA should be welcoming them back.

Mike Simpson, Plumstead

The Alphen Constantia Greenbelt is one of the most beautiful sites of the weekly Parkrun events, which happen every Saturday morning as a global call to promote a healthier lifestyle.

However, I have noted with great disgust how the Parkrun volunteers spend a good hour before each run, in the dark and even rain, picking up doggy poop – bucket-loads of doggy poop that is simply just left there by residents or visitors to the area.

I find it ironic and disturbing that the very reason people walk their dogs in this area is because it is so beautiful and well kept, yet they don’t care how they leave it behind… full of poop.

Please note that, as a dog lover and owner, there are few places in this country that still allow dogs in public areas.

This is a special place and this privilege should not be taken for granted.

I am truly upset.