Keeping busy during lockdown

The HMS Lion by Vasilios Chrisomallos.

Our readers are still wetting their paintbrushes to keep themselves busy during lockdown and have sent us some of their greatest art.

Vasilios Chrisomallos, who works as a caretaker for an elderly couple in Constantia, used to work in an art studio at the V&A Waterfront in his younger days. He has not painted since then, which is almost 26 years ago, and decided to try his hand at painting again during lockdown.

He created various pieces of war memorabilia, such as the HMS Lion, a battlecruiser built for the Royal Navy in 1910. In his painting, the ship is going into battle firing 13.5 inch guns.

He also painted other battleships such as a British World War II J Class destroyer and a World War I era supply ship.

Mr Chrisomallos said he enjoyed paintings with detail. He also painted a pair of 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns being reloaded on an American battleship.

He said his most difficult painting was of a 58-foot Italian motor vessel that could cruise at 30 knots.

Petina Woollam, from Bergvliet, observed a male sunbird that regularly comes to her garden and decided to paint it.

The sunbird is common in gardens, fynbos, forests and coastal scrub. It has a high-pitched “chee-chee” like call.

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Please also let us know which area you are from.

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