Keeping crime at bay

C. Franklin, Kirstenhof

Kisternhof Crime Watch is one of the 11 neighbourhood watches that operate under the umbrella body of the Constantia Valley Watch Association (CVWA).
Fully accredited with SAPS and the Department of Community Safety, we are a prime example of how teamwork and mutually respectful relationships pay dividends.
Run by volunteers from the community and completely funded by donations from residents, we are passionate about acting as the eyes and ears in supporting our local Kisternhof police station members.
Our volunteer patrollers are committed to high visibility patrols – and and night – and play a significant role in keeping crime at bay.
Every minute of patrolling is important – vehicular, running, dog walking and playing with family in our well-maintained parks – all count towards kicking crime to the curb.
We also keep our larger community updated with regards to crime stats, and share information about tips for combating crime and promoting safety.
We have members who take part in numerous community initiatives such as the community police forum, the Kisternhof and Environs Ratepayers’ Association, the Ward 71 Sub-Council Committee, Aid4Animals in Distress and Barefoot Rescue, to name a few.
This synergy helps us to remain current and focused.