Kids paint a symbol of hope

It took Jada, 11, and Ryan Borril,14, from Plumstead a week and a half to paint their rainbow which symbolises hope and unity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Children around the world are painting rainbows to create hope in a time of fear, and two Plumstead youngsters have just finished theirs… on the family home’s garage door.

In an effort to lift spirits during the Covid-19 pandemic, a social media challenge is getting children across the globe to stick up paintings of rainbows on their windows at home.

The rainbows symbolise hope and inspire togetherness during the lockdown.

“When people are going out to buy their groceries or taking a walk, they stop to see them,” said Plumstead mom, Jo Borrill.

Her children took the rainbow challenge even further, by painting a beautiful rainbow on their white garage door.

It took 14-year-old Ryan and 11-year-old Jada a week and a half to create the neat and colourful spectacle.

“They started painting it in that first week of the lockdown. We just had this plain white garage door so my husband got hold of paint and gave it to them to keep them busy,” said Ms Borril.

They painted the rainbow in between chores, swimming and online schooling.

BBC News reported that the challenge started in the UK and America in March after Covid-19 forced schools to close.

The rainbows are now reaching out across the world as proud parents post pictures of their children’s efforts on Facebook.