Kirstenhof Primary School turns 50

Kiera Gainsford, Gemma Barnard, Leah Pelander and Haylie Gericke.

Kirstenhof Primary School celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this month with a special assembly, cake for everyone, gifts for the children and a visit by Zip Zap

The celebrations were combined with the school’s annual fun run, which saw the children and their families take to the suburb’s streets for 3km of running, spot prizes, bubbles and music.

“We actively encourage families to participate in our school activities,” said principal Stuart Payne. “The school’s motto is ‘ever green, ever growing’, which challenges each child to participate in our rich and diverse programme.”

Parents, grandparents, siblings and family friends all took part in the fun run.

After the exercise, everyone enjoyed the many food stalls run by each grade, games, rides and craft market.

According to Mr Payne, Kirstenhof Primary is built on the original Kirsten family farm, after which Kirstenhof was named, and the school badge is based on the Kirsten family crest.

Opened on March 1, 1969, the first principal was Mr M H Greef, the former principal of Westlake Primary School.

Bruce Lane became principal at the beginning of 1980 and was followed by Frank Emslie and Clive Barham.

Today there are 896 children from Grades R to 7.

There were three past principals at the special assembly on Friday March 1, where the school unveiled portraits of the past principals. These will be displayed outside the principal’s

It was Mr Lane who initiated the first fun run 39 years

School governing body member, Lauren de Swardt, said the fun run had raised money for the school.

“Over past years we’ve used the money to upgrade classrooms, build a new library and install Astroturf for the sports fields,” she said.