Knitting for the needy

Wynberg Girls' High School pupils, from left, are Kayla Garcia, Yusrah Soeker and Kendra Peterson.

Winter is here, a good time to tuck into a blanket and join Wool for Wonders 2017.

Launched by Wynberg Old Girls’ Union (WGOU), this is the seventh year that the Constantiaberg Bulletin is supporting the campaign, hoping to beat the previous record of more than 5 000 items.

Get knitting now as the campaign runs until September (“Start knitting to keep babies warm”, Bulletin, May 28, 2016).

Wynberg Girls’ Junior School will be knitting squares, 15cm x 15cm, which will be made into blankets and the high school will be knitting jerseys.

This year is a house challenge and points will be awarded for balls of double knitting wool donations (if you cannot knit) and for all knitted items collected.

Any form of knitted material is welcome, from jerseys, beanies, booties to blankets. All items can be delivered to reception at both schools.

The schools have appealed to parents, pupils and teachers to support and to get knitting.

This year the schools’
Interact is getting involved and will be taking wool to retirement villages for senior citizens who would love to knit but no longer can afford the wool required.

Wynberg Girls’ campuses will be donating throughout winter as they get in sufficient items for the various charities, which in the past have included: Little Angels, Heaven’s Nest, Baby Safe/Hope for Babies, St Anne’s Home, Friends of Red Cross, Nazareth House, Mowbray Maternity Home, Tinmugs Africa Trust and Bay Christian Family Church.

You can get involved by handing your knitted items (or balls of wool) into Hilary Longe’s office at WGJS; liking the WGHS, WGJS and Constantiaberg Bulletin Facebook page sto keep track of the house in the lead; telling everyone you know to do the same; and if you really have the Wynberg spirit, take a selfie or picture of yourself knitting and share it on the Wynberg Wool for Wonders Facebook Page.

Download the knitting patterns at

Here is the simple “Mother Teresa” baby jersey that started off the campaign many years ago:

Use approximately 2x50g balls of double knitting wool.

Tight knitters can use 5mm needles. Loose knitters can use 4.5mm needles.

Cast on 44 stitches.

Work 18 rows: knit 2, purl 2 = rib (for example 2 plain stitches (not rows) followed by 2 purl stitches, repeat.)

Work 30 rows stocking stitch (1 row plain, 1 row purl).

Cast on 12 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows. At the same time, change to knit 2, purl 2 (rib) for the sleeves.

Rib 22 more rows.

Next row: rib 21 stitches, loosely cast off 26 stitches, then rib 21.

Next row: rib 21 stitches, loosely cast on 26 stitches, then rib 21.

Work 22 rows in rib.

Cast off 12 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows.

Work 30 rows in stocking stitch.

Work 18 rows purl 2, knit 2 = rib.

Cast off in rib. Stitch the edges of the jersey together with wool.

Baby beanie

Use 4 ply wool and size 10 (3.25) and six 11 (3.0) needles.

Using size 11 needles cast on 90 stitches.

Work knit 1, purl 1 rib for 5cm.

Change to size 10 needles and work in any pattern of your choice until work measures 12.5cm.

To shape top, work as follows:

Row 1: (K8, K2 tog) 9 times.

Row 2: knit this row and every alternate row.

Row 3: (K7, K2 tog) 9 times.

Row 5: (K6, K2 tog) 9 times.

Row 7: (K5, K2 tog) 9 times.

Row 9: (K4, K2 tog) 9 times.

Row 11: (K3, K2 tog) 9 times.

Row 13: (K3, K2 tog) 9 times.

Row 15: (K1, K2 tog) 9 times.

Row 17: (K2 tog) 9 times.

Cut thread so that it is long enough to sew up the seam. Thread wool through remaining stitches and pull up tightly and sew seam closed.

All items can be dropped off at the school foyers, in the clearly marked boxes.

Mark your delivery package with your daughter’s name and tutor teacher so that the house can be allocated points.

This only applies to deliveries by parents and pupils, residents do not need to do this.

For any other queries about the Wool for Wonders initiative, contact Hilary Longe on