Laughter the tonic of life for Stan Kaplan

Stan Kaplan was well know to many in tennis circles.

It’s game, set and match for Constantia Hills resident Stanley Martin Kaplan. He died peacefully on Sunday February 21, aged 92 in the home and care of friends Audrey and Don Hugo who live in Bishopscourt.

He was well-known to many in the tennis circles and in the valley and was an inspiration to all, according to Constantia Tennis Club member Brian Hilliard. “He stopped playing a year ago just before Covid. Until then, he had been playing up to three times a week but various health problems and bicycle injuries caused him to stop,” said Mr Hilliard.

However, he did continue walking daily to the shops from his house in Constantia Hills to the various shopping centres around him, including walking home with his shopping bags, refusing to accept lifts – he felt he needed the exercise – from very kind motorists.

He was born on February 10, 1929, in Northcliff, Johannesburg, and moved to Dennebosch Close in 1996.

Mr Kaplan matriculated at 15 and had a second law degree by 21.

He matriculated at 15 and had a second law degree by 21. Stan’s razor-sharp mind led to a successful career according to close friend and neighbour, Diony Lalieu.

“Stan always had time for everyone, and ultimately, it was his unending curiosity and love of human interaction that made for a long and meaningful life,” said Ms Lalieu. “Laughter was the tonic of life. And there was always more than enough to go around. Stanley lived with and died with dignity. We will forever miss his legendary walks to the shop, his unconditional friendship and his wise guidance and council.”