Making Christmas special for the needy

Yvonne Maddock, Beverley Strong and Natasha Pivalizza with gifts for children in the community.

From early morning, children and the elderly waited in front of Beverley Strong’s Naruna Estate house last weekend to collect Christmas goodies gathered from surrounding neighbours and businesses.

Ms Strong, supported by volunteers, has been feeding the needy in community since the pandemic hit (“Help needed to feed the hungry,” Bulletin April 29).

About 80% of the residents in the more than 150 stated-owned houses are unemployed and have little or no income, according to Ms Strong, who is also the deputy chair of the Naruna Estate Residents’ Association (NERA).

Her project feeds those residents as well as people living on the streets in the area.

“They depend greatly on the food we provide twice a week from our driveway,” she says.

And the help she gives to the needy depends greatly on the donations she gets from the public, including biscuits baked by a neighbour, toiletries from a clothing store and pizza sandwiches from a pizza chain.

For three months, Wynberg Boys’ Junior School’s 10 year-old pupils bought and buttered bread that was handed out on Sundays, she says. The pupils also spent two days gift-wrapping 60 shoeboxes filled with an item of clothing, toiletries, a toy, sweets, stationery and more.

A new addition to the feeding scheme is a veggie garden on the verge outside Ms Strong’s home after Plumstead Methodist Church donated plants.

Those able to contribute in any way can call or send a WhatsApp to Beverley Strong at 074 341 8252.

Larnelle Cyfers watering the veggie garden where plants have been donated by Plumstead Methodist Church.
Larnelle Cyfers giving gifts to needy children in the community.