Man chokes on drug-filled condom

An alleged drug dealer died on Saturday November 5 after he had swallowed a condom filled with narcotics.

Lieutenant Ntombi Nqunqeka of Wynberg police station said the man was known to police as a dealer and he had attempted to flee from three officers after they spotted him on Tuesday November 1, at about 7.50am.

One of the officers caught Innocent Okoyi, 31, who lived in Park Road, but he collapsed and appeared to be choking. Police took him to Victoria Hospital where medical staff removed a pink condom, six centimetres in a diameter, from his airway.

Mr Okoyi had swallowed two other objects which were suspected to be in his stomach. His condition was indicated as serious but stable and he was transferred to Groote Schuur Hospital for the items to be removed.

Later that afternoon, 25 aggressive men arrived at Wynberg police station and demanded to see the officer who “assaulted” their friend, police say.

Visible policing co-ordinator Captain Malcolm Jacobs dealt with them and they eventually left.

Mr Okoyi was charged with dealing in drugs, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Two days later the docket was withdrawn from the court due to his serious condition.

On November 5, Woodstock police informed the Community Service Centre (CSC) commander that he had died at about 7.25pm that day.