Many thanks

Sandy Roman, club president, Bergvliet Lions

Bergvliet Lions Club would like to thank the community for their continued support at our monthly book sale.

The funds generated by the sale of books enables us to provide two bursaries at two local primary schools and two annual book prizes at two local schools.

The schools, in turn, collect Easter eggs for us and donate clothing and books to us which we pass on to those in need.

We are also funding sanitary towels at a secondary school in Grassy Park. This school runs an after-school programme for pupils who want/need extra tuition. We help with the feeding of these pupils.

Entertainment at some of the local retirement homes is ongoing and we also sponsor the website for Die Oog Nature Reserve annually. We try and assist the community if and when a need arises.

We would also like to thank those members in the community who donate goods of all description to us.
There is a home for everything.