Memoir stirs debate at the Thursday Club

Author Tracy Going with Thursday Club convenor, Sandy Bailey

Former TV and radio news anchor, Tracy Going created a lively debate last week when she talked about her book, Brutal Legacy, a memoir at the Thursday Club at Buitenverwachting.

The Claremont author started off a fairy-tale romance with a man who appeared to be everything that she had been looking for, however, she found herself in a violent and abusive relationship.

Having written two successful children’s story-cookbooks, African Animals: Rhymes & Recipes and Awesome Animals: Rhymes & Recipes, Brutal Legacy is a heart-rending story of her childhood and how she did not want to follow in the footsteps of her mother and become yet another abused woman.

Thursday Club guests wanted to know why she did not name the man in her book. Tracy said the book is not redemptive, not about him, but cathartic and enormously emotive.

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