Military base boundary a work in progress

A collapsed fence along Waterloo Road and Alphen Hill Road on Wynberg hill.
A collapsed fence, litter and overgrown vegetation are cause for concern for residents and businesses along Waterloo Road and Alphen Hill Road on Wynberg hill. 

Three weeks ago Councillor Ian Iversen posted pictures of a section of collapsed fence on his Facebook page and said it is about time it was fixed. He told the Bulletin that about one year ago he reported the collapsing fence to the DA member of Parliament who is responsible for military matters. He got nowhere. He said the South African Defence Force (SADF), who manage the Wynberg base does not have the funds to install a new fence.

Old Wynberg Village Society (OWVS) stepped in after receiving complaints from residents about the dilapidated state of public space alongside the fence and overgrown vegetation inside it. Chairman Colonel Anton Olivier met with SADF Colonel Martin Feni on Monday October 22. The following week SADF staff began cleaning up the area and Colonel Olivier organised for the main entrance to the base being cleaned. “It has historical significance because it is where Prince Alfred passed through about 100 years ago when he visited South Africa. He was on his way to Old Wynberg Inn, which is still there today,” he said.  

Since then a section of the fence has once again collapsed. The Bulletin spoke to Lieutenant Colonel Hansie Yzelle who said he is not aware of the latest situation but would check on it immediately. Colonel Olivier said it is a work in progress.