Murder in Bergvliet

Neon yellow powder at the entrance to the crime scene where the house stands behind high walls.

A Bulgarian couple were shot dead in their rented Bergvliet home during an apparent robbery on Monday night.

Kirstenhof police responded to reports of a shooting at the Heerengracht Road home, at about 9pm, to find the husband and wife dead from gunshot wounds.

All was quiet on Wednesday morning when the Bulletin visited the sleepy suburb. Neighbours have been left fearful and confused, demanding information about the shooting from the police.

It appears that none of the immediate neighbours heard gunshots despite one woman working from home and directly across the wall from where the bodies were found. The house is owned by Kathy Elliott who lives in Namibia.

When the Bulletin spoke to her she sounded upset, saying she would be travelling to Cape Town on the earliest flight.

One neighbour says she heard about the shooting from a security guard. The family have rented the house for about two years.

The security guard told her the dogs on the property had also been shot dead.

The neighbour had only met the mother and her six or seven year old daughter. Francois Stroh, who lives in Hiddingh Avenue, says the family did not interact with the community, which he says is unusual as everyone else knows each other.

Kirstenhof police spokesperson Sergeant Deidre Solomon says the suspects fled with a laptop and cellphone and the motive for the shooting is unknown.

She would not reveal any more information.

Bergvliet Kreupelbosch Meadowridge (BKM) Neighbourhood Watch chairman Brian Wilkinson said they are unable to provide further details due to the sensitivity of the investigation.

“There have been no other murders in the area since the Smiley van Zyl incident.”

On April 13, 2008 Bergvliet resident Jane van Zyl was shot in the head in her driveway after arriving home after visiting her husband Smiley Van Zyl. Only her handbag was taken. On September 9, 2010 Judge Siraj Desai sentenced flower seller Gershwin Hartzenberg, then 27, of Parkwood, to life behind bars for the murder.

“BKM does have volunteer patrollers in the Bergvliet area, but would encourage more to join as numbers are limited, likewise we encourage more residents to become paid up members,” says Mr Wilkinson.

Kirstenhof Community Police Forum chairman Tony Jantjies says he has no other details than what was posted by Kirstenhof police.

He has asked Kirstenhof Lieutenant Colonel June Cilliers to take him to the crime scene so that he can offer his support to the deceased’s family and neighbours.

A case of murder was opened and is being investigated by Kirstenhof detectives. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Paul Alexander at 021 702 8900.

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