Murder trial enters second week

The murder case is being heard in the Western Cape High Court.

Rob Packham’s sister Judith Markwell was with him when he arrived at the burnt out dark green BMW at Diep River station at about 10pm, on Thursday February 22, 2018. Days later Gill Packham’s charred body was identified through forensic DNA comparison.

The trial resumed in the Western Cape High Court on Monday March 18, with Mr Packham accused of murder and defeating the ends of justice  

Ms Markwell said she had seen her brother earlier that evening when he had supper at her Tokai home. He left at about 9pm saying he wanted to get home to see if his wife of 30 years had arrived home. 

Ms Markwell said soon after he left, Gill’s close friend Lorraine Hobbs arrived to find out if she had any news. She then received a message from Mr Packham’s daughter Nicola that something was happening in Diep River concerning a car on fire at the station. They left to pick up Mr Packham at the family’s Constantia home and then drove to Diep River station to find lots of vehicles, people and the area where the torched car was cordoned off. They were sent to Diep River police station where Mr Packham received counselling.

Ms Markwell testified that her brother and his wife had been going for marriage counselling and had been “making good progress and were happy”. This came after Nicola found out about her father’s infidelity. 

Ms Markwell said she did not know the couple had argued the day before Ms Packham’s death.

The case continues.