Mystery duck hits the road – twice

On its second adventure, the same duck traipsed along Basil and Chudleigh streets.

Constantiaberg pets and poultry don’t stay put, it seems. The Bulletin has twice reported on the area’s animal adventures.

First there was Bella; the peregrinating, pot-belly pet pig who escaped her home and took tours in Tokai Park (“The ‘Piggymon Go’ adventure’,” Bulletin, August 4).

And then, poultry pedestrians were spotted in Westlake. The Bulletin saw several chickens carelessly criss-crossing the cul-de-sacs (“Not giving a cluck,” Bulletin, September 29).

Last week, poultry pedestrians explored the wild, wild streets of Plumstead – three times.

On October 8, Hayley Stoffberg posted a picture of a duck on the Plumstead Facebook group, saying: “Duck walking around Ophir Road. Whose duck is this?”

Teasing about the cricket, Lourens Schoeman answered: “One of the Aussie players…”

Lesle Jacobs Johnson said: “Rescue it before it becomes someone’s supper.”

Later, Ms Stoffberg replied: “All sorted, he found his owner.”

But, a few days, later the duck went on another jaunt.

On October 11, Brigitte Runds posted: “Duck on the loose. Basil/Chudleigh. I am not able to catch it and have my babies in the car.”

Sam Base responded: “Duck is in our front yard, so it won’t get run over. Anyone know whose duck this is?”

While the duck awaited its fate, Natalie Speed posted a picture of a wandering chicken.

“Waddling down Ashbury Road,” the caption read.

Commentors were quick to quip. Rod Alexander said: “Animal farm comes to Plumstead. If anyone spots a goat roaming around, I’ll adopt it.”

Gary David Maimin asked: “Why did that chicken cross the road?”

To which Mr Alexander responded: “To get to the duck!”

Ms Speed later commented that she had found the chicken’s home in South Road and added: “It almost got run over about five times.”

The duck, however, was still homeless.

After several hours Ms Base posted again: “Duck has been taken to the Plumstead Animal Hospital.”

Ms Speed said: “Oh my gosh, Brigitte Runds, you and the duck and me and the chicken. What a day!”