Naming of library

From left, vice principal Daniel Jansen, club president Marjorie Wohlmann, Trunell Morom, Maureen Rookledge, principal Candice Joshua, Lisette Genseberger, Quentin Rookledge and librarian Virginia Ellisac.

The Lourier Primary School library was officially named the Bester-Rookledge library on Friday February 22. Until the time of her death in 2017, Soroptimist International member Lieske Bester had worked with the Rookledge family and a team of volunteers in setting up the library, which was officially opened in 2012. Soroptimist International Cape of Good Hope, a service organisation for women, has managed the library and other school necessities with financial and voluntary support since 2011 including the salary of a part-time librarian. A group of Soroptimist and volunteers read to pupils during the week at different times. If you can support the library or assist the school, contact Trunell Morom on Visit