New office and shop development in Plumstead

An artist’s impression of the development planned for the corner of Timour Hall and Main roads in Plumstead

A new office and shop development is planned for Plumstead.

The applicant, through town-planning firm Olden & Associates Urban Planners, is proposing to rezone and consolidate two plots and to rezone erf 70237, which is presently a parking lot of 338m², from General Residential (GR4) to General Business (GB1) to allow for parking for the consolidated property for shops and offices on the site, at the corner of Timour Hall and Main roads.

There is a single-floor building on erf 70238-Re at 713m² and no demolition required. However, an additional floor of offices is proposed.

The property will be used for offices (707m²) and shops (644m²) only, according to the proposal. The shops would be on the ground floor with the offices above them.

Vehicle and pedestrian entry and exit will be from the existing access in Timour Hall Road, which is on the north eastern boundary. The property is located in a public transport zone 1, which means reduced parking is permitted owing to established public transport in the area, that is rail, buses and taxis.

The new building will face Main Road and form part of a strip of high-density developments in this commercial hub of Plumstead.

The neighbouring residential properties will not be impacted on by the low-key use and moderate-in-nature development, states the application.

The Plumstead Civic Association and councillor Carol Bew were asked for comment on the proposed development but they did not respond to questions by deadline.

The proposal has been out for public comment since November last year, and the public have until Monday February 1 to make submissions in writing.