Noise pollution

Dan Ruthenburg, Diep River

As I write this it is 10.49pm and I have been unable to sleep because of the incessant thumping of a bass guitar emanating from Die Gatjie which is about 100m from where I live.

If you delve into your archives, you will find correspondence dating back to 2015 in which it was mentioned that all the residents in this area drew up a petition for something to be done about the never-ending problems caused by the presence of this place and some of the residents thereof.

Although the petition was handed to the man in charge of Steenberg police station, a Captain Paulse I believe, nothing emanated from that meeting.

Since then we have been subjected to a barrage of noise, fires, burning of plastic off cable, theft, burglaries etc, and the latest started on Sunday January 28 in the form of loud music but with a foundation shaking (from the bass).

I have just lodged a complaint with Law Enforcement and we shall see whether and when something is done to stop the present thumping.

Incidentally, Die Gatjie was recently connected to electricity to the value of R900 000 as was reported in the Constantiaberg Bulletin (“Die Gatjie is now lit”, Bulletin, December 21).

* Richard Bosman, Executive Director for Safety and Security responds: The City’s Law Enforcement Department confirms that an on-site inspection was conducted on Thursday February 1. The alleged offender, residing at
M 31a, was not at home at the time of the visit.

A law enforcement officer informed residents that if they do play music they need to comply with the Western Cape Noise Control Regulations at all times. The officer will again visit the resident at the above address this week to inform him of the rules and regulations with regard to loud music.

* This letter was sent to Steenberg police but they did not respond by the time we went to print.