‘Off centre’ island causes a stir

Traffic island in the way of oncoming traffic driving in the direction of Bergvliet towards Constantia.

Reverend Trevor Pearce, Meadowridge

A few months ago the municipality built an island opposite the Engen garage on Ladies Mile Road.

However, the island is off-centre and is in the way of oncoming traffic driving in the direction of Bergvliet towards Constantia.

Not only have people knocked the island, with scuff marks on the island from tyres, one also has to veer towards the left to avoid the island and this poses a danger that one might knock into traffic to the left of one as it is a double lane.

The concern of many people is that the danger is of such a magnitude that there could potentially be loss of life if someone collided with the island and their car veered out of control.

In my opinion, this dangerous situation could be dealt with by simply adjusting the white lane lines, providing guidance for all vehicles and in so doing, remove the dangerous situation which is so obvious.
I am happy to meet
with traffic officials
to clarify what I am saying.

* Mayco member for area south, Zahid Badroodien, responds: The City’s Traffic Services forwarded Reverend Trevor Pearce’s complaint dated August 13 to the City’s Network Development Section on September 14 who acknowledged receipt and initiated an investigation into the matter.

On Monday November 5 the Network Development Department informed Reverend Pearce that the design plan for an additional safety measure is nearly complete.

Taking the reverend’s concerns into cognisance, the City will enforce the following additional precautionary measure: guidelines will be painted across the intersection to line up with the inside edge of the median. We anticipate that the paintwork for the guidelines will be completed within the next two to three

In the meantime, the median island currently has a “Keep left” (R103) sign on the leading edge end and the kerbing has been painted in white and black reflective paint as per relevant standards, in order to improve the visibility thereof.