One-way plan for Totnes Road

Totnes Road in Plumstead

The public has until Wednesday July 14 to comment on the proposal to turn Totnes Road in Plumstead into a time-restricted one-way road in a southbound direction during peak periods.

The public participation process began on Monday June 14.

According to a City media statement, the road at the Plumstead Preparatory School experiences traffic congestion during the school peak-hour periods due to the narrow road width and two-way traffic flow. The lack of on-street parking and a stop-and-drop facility limit the drop-off and collection space for motorists, which impacts nearby residents.

It is proposed that the one-way restriction only applies during school peak-hours on weekdays between 7am and 8am and from 12.30pm to 3.30pm.

Submit comments to; in writing to the Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Road, Constantia 7800 or email