Painting subways

Ellen Fedele, Plumstead

I have wanted to repaint the subways in Plumstead for a while now. I was thinking of white paint, then letting youngsters paint colourful, happy scenes of their own designs either with paint or spray paint over it.

Alternatively, we could try and do what Observatory residents did and tile the entire walls in a rainbow of colours. To help law enforcement combat crime, we could ask security companies to also donate towards gates to lock off both sides of the subways at night, to block easy getaway and access routes after crimes are committed and to prevent drug users loitering or people defecating therein. Local businesses could also be asked to donate paint and the tiles but the hiccup is the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa.

Every single email I write goes unanswered, every phone number I dial is either out of service or just rings incessantly without being answered.

I am so fed up, I feel like just pitching up on a weekend and putting my plans into motion. I asked our local police station what they would do if I just went ahead – they were honest and said if Prasa complained they would have to act. I do not fancy staying in jail cells over a weekend.

Can anybody out there help please? Anybody know some Prasa officials? Are any officials reading this and would like to help get me the permission I need? I understand there is conflict over who owns what between Prasa and the City of Cape Town, especially when it comes to cleaning the subways.