Panels not so hot

David Slingsby, Tokai.

Despite various critics of the improvements to Tokai Road, it is my view, once completed, it will be an asset to our village.

The last chairman of the Tokai Residents’ Association spent an immense about of time and effort in arranging for the kerbs to be kept in good shape, grass mowed, islands kept weed free, etc. Closer to Christmas, we should have a road we can be proud of with safe walking and cycle lanes.

It is a great pity, however, that the City planners have allowed such a building (pictured above) to deface our streetscape. Who is responsible for allowing this solar array in full public view of the main road?

This is equivalent of one raising a middle finger to the whole community. The city council and its planners cannot be serious in allowing this very ugly structure to dominate our skyline and street-scape.

* Mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, Brett Herron, responds:

On Tuesday January 17, the City’s planning and building development management department conducted a site visit at the property in question. A notice was subsequently served the following day informing him to submit building plans for the solar panel structure as prescribed by the National Building Regulations.

These plans must be submitted and approved by the City within 60 days. Once the building plans have been submitted, the City’s building control officer from the area will assess the application in terms of Section 7 of the Building Act which relates to the effect that the structure has on neighbouring properties.