Passing the bluck on vagrancy issue

Irene Petrony, Tokai

The article “Station trader trouble” (Bulletin, April 30) refers.

It is so sad that one has to ask people like you to help the council take notice.

Just take a drive to Retreat station on the Tokai side. Exactly the same issues as those in your story. I have submitted requests and have the reference numbers, and have also mentioned it to Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch.

The response is to take it to council, which I said I had already done, as they do not cover that area.

I reported that people are washing cars using water from the station toilets on January 17, reference number 910282022. I followed up and reported it again on April 28 after I witnessed them washing a taxi with buckets of water.

Twice I have also reported that vagrants are living, sleeping and all that comes with this, reference number 9102881966.

Penny East is the councillor of this area, up to the Tokai side of Retreat station and Kevin Southgate is from the other side of the station. The buck gets passed from one to another

The fight still goes on.

* This letter was sent to the City of Cape Town for a response on Wednesday May 10, but by the time this edition went to print, they had not yet responded.