Patrol convoy honours radio controller

Yolanda Ackers, a Constantia Valley Information Centre radio controller, died in a motor vehicle accident, last month.

A convoy of over 200 vehicles snaked its way through Constantia on Friday November 11 as security services personnel, volunteers and residents came out to honour the Constantia Valley Information Centre’s longest serving radio controller, Yolanda Ackers.

Ms Ackers died in motor vehicle accident while on holiday with her family in De Aar on Monday October 3.

According to Constantia Watch and Constantia Valley Information Centre, the control room that Ms Ackers worked in for over 14 years oversees 32 000 households in the valley. Calls of distress from residents or incidents reported from patrollers through the radio are patched through to controllers, and her duties included verifying licence plates and coordinating responders to accidents and crime incidents.

Dewan Bronkhorst, operations manager for Constantia Watch and Constantia Valley Information Centre, said Ms Ackers would be fondly remembered for her wit, sense of humour and often disciplinary voice.

“If you didn’t know her name, when she came on the radio she had such a distinctive voice that you would come to know that is Yolanda. If she said she needed five vehicles in that corner, five vehicles went to that corner. She knew how to take control,” said Mr Bronkhorst.

Ms Ackers was laid to rest on Friday October 14 at St Matthew Anglican Church in Delft. She leaves behind her husband, Keith, and children, Chanelle le Roux, Clide le Roux, Marilyn Ackers and Emelda Ackers.

Mr Ackers, who had been married to his wife for over 17 years, said she had been very passionate about her job.

“We did everything together. We even had a passion for making food together. We were always in the kitchen. I’m still trying to cope with it, but I take it day by day,” he said.

The patrol convoy included ward councillor Emile Langenhoven; Diep River, Kirstenhof and Wynberg police, Law Enforcement, and various community police forum and neighbourhood watch members.